Privacy Policy

Telenium Inc. deals with confidential, personal and financial information of customers of Canadian corporations and others on behalf of its clients. The company offers services to its clients and deals with financial related information of these clients. Telenium Inc. is sensitive to the necessity of maintaining the confidentiality of the personal and corporate information it does receive. The company recognizes both the inherent right to privacy of every individual and its obligation to preserve the confidentiality of personal information kept in files. The company is also aware of the concerns about individual privacy and perceived possible abuses of personal information kept in automated data banks and other forms.

Telenium Inc. has therefore established Privacy Guidelines to ensure the protection, to the best of the company's ability, of all personal and corporate information in its possession, in whatever form it kept, whether it be an automated bank data, manual (or paper) file, microfiche or any other form.

The information contained in the data received by Telenium Inc. is handled and protected, taking cognizance of the following principles:

  1. The information received by Telenium Inc. in all its offices is the property of the client and is used only for the purposes intended by the client when entering into an agreement with Telenium. The information obtained is used for no other purpose, without receiving the expressed permission to do so from the client.
  2. Information received from the client is confidential and not shared with or transferred to any other corporation, body or individuals, in its original form or any modified form, unless required to do so by statute of legal proceedings or unless authorized to do so by the client.
  3. The information collected is only that personal, financial and financial-related information of individuals and clients that is necessary for Telenium to fulfil its contractual obligations to the client.
  4. The information gathered from clients is only kept for the limited period of time necessary for Telenium Inc. to fulfil its obligations to its clients.
  5. Telenium Inc. requires all of its employees to comply with the forgoing standards of confidentiality. These employees are bonded and bound to confidentiality. All personal data provided by clients is kept secure from access by unauthorized personnel at all times. Access to and use of personal information is limited to those Telenium Inc. employees who require it to fulfil Telenium Inc.'s obligations to its clients.
  6. Use of cookies on our website. Cookies are used on our secure websites for the purpose of managing secure transaction sessions. Personal information is not stored within these cookies. Cookies may also be used to keep track of personal preferences of repeat visitors to our sites in order to customise the site to meet the needs of our clients.

Nothing in these guidelines will prevent Telenium Inc. from using hired facilities to aid in completing its obligations. However, where data must be moved via transmission facilities outside Telenium Inc.'s direct control, Telenium will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that such parties will provide the same protection of the data as Telenium provides.