Highway Systems

Our Road Condition Reporting System (RCRS) empowers the public with road condition and construction information before they leave their homes and workplaces. It helps people plan their routes and avoid driving in adverse conditions. It maximizes public safety on our roads.

Managed Service

The RCRS managed service guarantees extensive and accurate data, rapid updates, and 24/7 availability and uptime.


Ease-of-use and flexibility are achieved by combining web, mobile, and interactive voice reponse solutions.


Easily grows and expands to accomodate public and administrative load as well as geographic requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive Features and Data Integration

The RCRS solution provides:

  • Automated report generation
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and speech recognition phone services
  • Extensive security measures and practices
  • Integration of Weather Network and Environment Canada weather condition data
  • Real time data collection from road weather cameras

Reach a Wider Audience

In July of 2006 the CRTC released a decision allocating the three digit telephone number "511" for use as a primary traveler and weather information service.

511 is expected to become the most recognizable face of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for the vast majority of the public.

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Partner with the Public

Our Citizen Reporter tool provides the public with the ability to submit succinct road condition reports. Whether reporting an accident or deteriorating conditions, Citizen Reporter allows the public to check in and help others on the road. Citizen Reporter users must pass an online quiz before becoming eligible for authorization, ensuring that only trusted users may submit reports.

First Responders can quickly report adverse conditions or delays through the use of higher privilege level Citizen Reporter tools.

Reliable and Proven

Our clients include agencies responsible for the operation and management of transportation infrastructure:

Confederation BridgeHalifax Harbour Bridges

Our Passion

We view the provision of highway condition reporting as a partnership in serving the public, providing a mix of public good and value added information that is critical to travelers, transportation system operators and information service providers. We take great pride in the services and solutions that we provide and work with our clients to ensure that our solutions continuously improve to meet their needs. Every day, millions of Canadians depend on Telenium's services through one of our many partnerships.