About Us

Telenium Inc. is a telecommunications company that specializes in the integration of voice and web technologies. Telenium’s head office is located in Winnipeg with additional hardware facilities providing local dial access in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

A partner with many clients across Canada, Telenium serves the private and public business sectors, including the Government of Saskatchewan - Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, the Government of Nova Scotia - Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, the Government of Yukon Highways and Public Works, the New Brunswick Department of Transportation, Ceridian Canada, Manitoba Conservation, Manitoba Civil Service Commission, and The Weather Network. Telenium is involved with ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Canada and the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).

Telenium offers systems and solutions that are built for your requirements. We thrive on innovation, creativity, and enthusiasm to serve our clientele.

Telenium specializes in telecommunications that integrate telephone, computer and web technologies to serve our clients’ unique communication needs with one cost-effective and efficient solution. Telenium’s services include:

  • Road Condition Reporting Systems (RCRS)
  • Integrated Voice Response Systems (IVR)
  • Integrated Solutions (Voice/Web)
  • Network Services

By providing a number of hosted and/or managed solutions, Telenium minimizes up-front capital investments for our clients. We continue to bring forward new and innovative approaches. At Telenium, we put technology to work for you!